3D Rendering services in Saint John, Moncton & Fredericton, New Brunswick

With the 3D Rendering and Visualization market anticipated to grow exponentially over the next coming years, Ikar Digital in Saint John is aiming to meet the provinces 3D Visualization needs. Ikar Digital’s goal over the next five years, is to become the leading provider for 3D rendering/Visualization within the New Brunswick area, including Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton.

Numerous factors can be attributed to the global growth of the 3D Rendering and Visualization service market. Two of the biggest being: The rise in the demand for virtualized and real-time experiences, as well as the increase in implementation of 3D rendering services for faster completion of architectural projects.

3D Rendering involves portraying the potential of a project, by representing it in the form of a realistic image. 3D Rendering is needed for both architects and their clients, as they require virtual models to accurately interpret and understand architectural projects. When the architect and the client can both see what exactly they’re discussing and planning, they'll be able to better understand the project at hand, while also reducing uncertainty.

Ikar Digital is determined to solve the issue of communicating complex visual information, by providing a clear, picturesque, and cost-effective solution. The rendering work completed by Ikar Digital is notable for the degree of photorealism. The impressive thing about 3D rendering is that the results are so lifelike, that they are frequently mistaken for photographs.